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‘Beneath’ spoke directly to me

Emily M.

Having a piece of original artwork in your home is special. It tells a story and it's like a little piece of the artist is with you.  Barb's painting 'Beneath' spoke directly to me as she told me the story behind it.  Things are not always what they seem on the surface and I love knowing that behind this image is something deeper and more complex.

Kind of like me.


‘Broken and Beautiful’ pierced my heart

Kathy D.

Broken & BeautifulI looked at your site.  You are amazing!   As I gazed at “Broken and Beautiful” the mystical silhouette of a young girl’s face emerging from the shell pierced my heart and literally brought me to tears.  The painting “spoke” to me.  I had to purchase it. I look at it every day and it somehow brings a sense of peace and beauty to me. When my son-in-law saw it hanging in my home he immediately said, “Wow, that’s real art!  I want that when the time comes…