Barbara W. Michel

I always enjoyed art from childhood. However, as a child I often had difficulty expressing my emotions verbally, so my art allowed a creative outlet for my emotions.

I grew up in VA and went to VCU to study graphic design so I could support myself. I continued to “dabble” in painting in college, but as often happens, it was put aside. While I had a graphic design business at the Jersey shore, the desire to paint always beckoned. My husband encouraged me to pursue painting when we moved to PA where I dove back in with watercolor painting.

Working with watercolor, I became enthralled with this medium’s spontaneity. I went on to work on gesso paper and board so I could wipe out and create more texture (see some samples in my portfolio). My interest in texture, depth and layering led me to mixed media. As luck would have it a friend and mentored had made a similar move. Incorporating and moving in and out of these various mediums allows for my inspiration to flourish. I am constantly reminded to let my paintings be “led”.

Art for me has become like meditation where I lose myself in the process. The creating simply makes time fly by. I wanted to live life doing what I enjoy while bring beauty to others. I try to speak to others through my images – evoke emotions, make connections, and happiness.

My husband and I live with our three children in Chester County, PA. It is a blessing to be surrounded by them and their creative minds. They are pursuing their own unique and artistic endeavors in writing, graphic design, music, and painting.

Lastly, you will see my Faith is especially important in my life and now more than ever my art. As such, part of this site also supports that by contributing all profits to Amigos de Jesus, an orphanage in Honduras. Please visit that page and their site for more information or to support this incredible story and cause.

Aside from art and family time, I enjoy gardening, helping with Amigos de Jesús, tennis, Bible study, as well as antiquing and flea markets to find treasures in the articles of the past and reimaging for today.