Why I create

I create because it fills me with joy, and I use the gift God gave me to reach out to others and share beauty. As a Christian/Catholic artist I create pieces for the contemporary collector’s home. Today, most of what I create has some faith-based significance to me. Symbolism and scripture often seep into my paintings. I have gone from trying to capture beauty in what I see in creation to expressing the thought and emotions these visions inspire. Because of this I work in various mediums and styles moving from realism, to symbolism, to abstract. With my art, I am trying to capture Christian scripture and beliefs in a new (more contemporary) way.

After a day in the studio, I feel lifted, as if I have spent the day being, just being. When one of my paintings speaks to someone it is as if I accomplished what the vision was given to me to do. Living my faith through my art brings me closer to the Lord, like praying.

Part of my works, and this site, are created to benefit charitable organizations (Amigos de Jesus) by raising money and bringing awareness to their mission.

PS – In certain special circumstances I will do commission pieces, in the styles you see on this site. I also really like dogs, so there’s pet portraits too!

In The Garden
In The Garden

‘Beneath’ spoke directly to me

Emily M.

Having a piece of original artwork in your home is special. It tells a story and it's like a little piece of the artist is with you.  Barb's painting 'Beneath' spoke directly to me as she told me the story behind it.  Things are not always what they seem on the surface and I love knowing that behind this image is something deeper and more complex.

Kind of like me.


God Ray's


After years of painting in more traditional watercolor I was looking for more texture and depth in my pieces. I took a workshop about painting on gesso with friend and mentor Nancy Barch. This opened up a whole new dimension to my approach to watercolors. I began each piece with more freedom and spontaneity. The gesso allowed me to also wipe or pull out paint and get an underlying texture that appealed to me.

Pathways, Mixed Media

Mixed Media

A few years ago, I attended another workshop with Nancy, this time in mixed media. The graphic quality and compositions spoke to my earlier years in the graphic design field. This time there was a completely different textural quality and depth that I discovered through layering this combination of paint, papers, prints, fabric, and string. (It felt like I was just playing with color and design.) Images came to mind that fit this technique beautifully. It’s lovely to watch people discover the hidden imagery in many of my pieces.


Pet Portraits

My pet portraits are always a special opportunity for me. Animals are close to my heart, especially dogs…although cats are nice too. When I get to create a painting of someone’s beloved pet, it brings me happiness. Many times, I’ve been surprised by the reaction (sometimes joyful tears) I encounter when the owners receive the finished piece. It is a confirmation that the gifts and talent I’ve been given have fulfilled a purpose.

To learn how to commission a portrait for your loved family member, click the button below.

‘Broken and Beautiful’ pierced my heart

Kathy D.

Broken & BeautifulI looked at your site.  You are amazing!   As I gazed at “Broken and Beautiful” the mystical silhouette of a young girl’s face emerging from the shell pierced my heart and literally brought me to tears.  The painting “spoke” to me.  I had to purchase it. I look at it every day and it somehow brings a sense of peace and beauty to me. When my son-in-law saw it hanging in my home he immediately said, “Wow, that’s real art!  I want that when the time comes…

Amigos de Jesús

In 2013 my mother-in-law invited me to join her on a women’s retreat led by Fr. Dennis O’Donnell. I’d never been on a retreat before and it was a wonderful experience that brought me closer to God. Fr. O’Donnell also shared with us about Amigos de Jesús, a home for abandoned and impoverished children in rural Honduras that he had cofounded with an American couple Anthony and Chris Granese. I was so moved by the amazing story of this community and what they were doing to help and change the lives of these children in need.
The Cross
The Cross


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